Alienation and aesthetic design. Agility,safety and funs driving experience for you.

  • Panasonic or LG

    Lithium battery


    Customized BOSCH motor with high power output and driving force

  • 1490W

    Ultra-strong power

  • 128N.m

    Maximum torque

Strong moto power

Customized BOSCH motor with high power output and driving force smooth.
Three hydraulic disc brake and EABS electronic brake system.
Quich response,more safety,more energy recovety,it will be effectively range extending.

  • 1200W

    Rated power

  • 115N.m

    Max torque

  • 12°

    Maximum climbing angle

Easy driving and easy enjoying

It is easy driving with DDWT-S system(dual-front
wheel technology),furthermore,it is stable and safety
for will enjoy in driving,
even you are lacking in driving experience.

Lightweight body structure.Agility and freedom driving.

Lightweight is trend of automobile industry,safety always is our mission, iTango use the upgraded DDWT-S technology that it is extending from the first generation of dual-front-wheel technology as developed by Doohan. The new suspension system keeps the safety distance of front track,increase the flexibility and reaction time after shorten the distance between up and down, iTango always freedom and safety driving on different road conditions.

Roll-lock System.

Surprise is always coming inadvertently,front wheels will be locked and stable standing as soon as pull the Roll-lock switch when you long stay of parking that Roll-lock system is independent research and development by Doohan. you don’t need to release the side stand and flameout.

BMS functions extended.