• Doohan

    Lithium battery

  • Doohan

    Customized Doohan motorwith high power output and driving force smooth

  • 180W/300W

    Ultra-strong power

  • 25N.m/30N.m

    Maximum torque

DDWT (DooHan Dual Wheel Technology)

iLark rides at a perfect pace for you to enjoy and interact with surroundings,effortlessly. It brings fun to your daily commutes and livens up your weekend trips to park and beaches. It is unique style is sure to turn heads and break the ice.

Customized Motor180W/300W

FoldableSuit for the car trunk.

LCD instrument

Battery: 48V10Ah / 48V15Ah

BMS:Saftey and Stable

To more safety and stable driving experience with smooth power supplying through
intelligent battery managements system.